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Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

The Games

This is a (near) complete guide to the games played on WLiiA.

Some are linked to an sample transcript, or some lyrics from one of the games.

Addicts Anonymous
Three contestants attend a meeting run by the fourth, for their strange addiction.

Advertisement (Ads)
A contestant advertises an audience-suggested product in the style of some music that is played in.

African Chant
A contestant sings about an audience member's job, with the others accompanying the chants.

Contestants act a scene with each sentence starting with successive letters of the alphabet.
Variation: 90 Second Alphabet - as above but with a time limit.

The contestants act out a soap opera, but as animals (e.g. hamsters, dinosaurs)

One contestant auditions the others for roles in a play, giving them songs or acts to perform.

Audition Piece
Contestants present the World's Worst auditions for a role (name used in radio series).

The contestants improvise a story given the title, in the style of their chosen author.

Award Show
Contestants introduce nominees in the audience for a themed award, with the winners making their acceptance speech.

Backwards scene
Two contestants act out a scene starting with a last line and working backwards to the beginning.

Bad Applicants
Contestants present the World's Worst applicants for a job (name used in radio series).

Ballad Of...
Two contestants sing a ballad about an audience member.

Bartender (Bar Scene, Bar)
Contestants sing their troubles to a bartender, who sings back some advice.

Book Writer
One contestant interviews another, the author of a book on a chosen topic.

Change Of Company
Contestants act out a story, changing into various types of casts (occupations, nationalities etc.)

Changing Emotions/Room
Contestants act a scene, displaying the emotion associated with whichever prop(s) they are holding.

Charity Anthem
Two contestants are famous singers performing an anthem on a topic with the other two introducing.

Two contestants improvise a scene changing into various famous couples suggested by the audience.

Courtroom Scene
Contestants play the judge, prosecution, and various witnesses (using props) trying to solve a court case.

Credit Reading
The "winners" (or Drew's choice of players) read out the credits in a given style/impression/scene.

Dating Service (Videos)
Contestants act out short dating service videos using hats & masks (see also "Hats").

Daytime Talk Show
Contestants act out a talk show with one as host, two guests and one audience member.

Dead Bodies (Fainting Bodies)
One contestant in a play must move, and speak for, two dead bodies and a third who enters and dies.
Variation: An audience member is sometimes used as one of the dead bodies.

Two contestants perform a scene directed by a third, the director, based on audience suggestions.

Three contestants sing a doo-wop song about a person who died in an unusual accident.

Contestants act a scene with one (often a guest) having their voice provided from offstage.

Two contestants sing a duet on a given topic (see also some "Song Styles").

Emotion Option
During a scene contestants switch into the emotions suggested by the audience.

Every Other Line
One contestant reads from a play, while the other acts a scene and tries to reach a given end line.

One contestant is an "expert" on an obscure topic, interviewed by another contestant.

Expert Translation
A contestant translates as another explains an aspect of a foreign country in that language.

Fashion Models
Contestants commentate on the others acting as models at a fashion show.

Film and Theatre Styles (Film, Theater and TV Styles)
Two contestants are given a scene and then various film/theater/TV styles to act it out in.

Film Dub(bing)
Contestants improvise a new soundtrack for a piece of film, given a topic.

Film Review
One contestant reviews a film, acted out by the others.

Film Trailer
One contestant narrates a film trailer, which is performed by the others.

Fixed Expressions
The contestants act out a scene while maintaining a given expression (happy, constipated, etc.)

Foreign Film Dub
2 contestants act a film in the given language, with the others translating.

A scene is played with contestants switching between forward and reverse controlled by a voiceover (see also Video Players)

Contestants speak at the funeral of a person with a strange quirk, usually singing a unison hymn.

Game Show
A host and three contestants act out a game show with the show name taken from the audience.

Gangsta Rap
A two person "Song Styles"-type game about a particular occupation.

Genre Option
See "Film & Theatre Styles". (name used on radio and in the pilot)

The contestants each sing a verse of a gospel song on a given topic.

(The) Great Debate
Contestants debate a given topic, each playing a particular type of person (occupation etc).

Greatest Hits
Two contestants advertise a Greatest Hits album, naming songs performed by another (or 2).

Green Screen
See "News Flash".

Hands Through/Helping Hands
Two contestants act out a scene but one has his hands provided by a third contestant. Often played with a guest.

Contestants give "World's Worst" examples (dating agency video, audition) using weird hats (see also "Dating Service").

Here He Is Now
Two contestants discuss quirks of the other two contestants, which they must show when they enter (see also "That'll Be Charlie Now")

Hey You Down There
One contestant narrates for a public information video whilst others act it out.

The contestants each sing a verse of a hoedown song on a given topic.

Hollywood Director
Similar to Director, but usually played with three contestants acting, and one director who provides the styles (no audience suggestions).

Home Shopping
Two contestants perform a home shopping programme selling useless items.

If You Know What I Mean
Contestants perform a scene speaking in (or inventing) euphemisms.

Improbable Mission
See "Mission: Impossible"

Contestants present an infomercial on a given topic using random props from a box.

Two contestants interrogate another about a bizarre crime suggested by the audience.

A contestant interviews fictional/historical character in the style of a given magazine/TV show.

Irish Drinking Song
Contestants each sing one line at a time in an Irish Drinking Song on a given topic.

Kick It/Get Down
In a scene, "Kick it!" makes whoever just spoke rap/sing about the last sentence until a call of "Word!" (similar for "Get Down!"/"Okay!")

Let's Make A Date/Dating App
A contestant is on a dating program and must ask questions and guess the quirk for each date.

Letter Changes
Two contestants act out a scene, but must each replace one particular letter with another.

Living Scenery
Two contestants act a scene using other contestants, audience members or guests as any required props.

Lounge Lizards
The contestants sing a group song in a lounge style on a given topic.

The contestants each sing a verse of a march on a given topic.

Millionaire Show
Contestants are host, contestant, audience and phone friends in a styled Millionaire game show.

Mission: Impossible (or Mission Improbable)
Contestants perform a scene Mission:Impossible style, with one providing the tape message.

Mixed Messages
Contestants perform a scene with some only allowed to read lines from audience members' text messages.

Motown Group
Three contestants each sing one verse of a song on a given topic, the others backing them up.

Moving People
Two contestants act out a given scene, but they can only move when moved by two audience members.

Musical (American Musical)

The contestants perform a musical based on the life of an audience member.

Multiple Personalities
Contestants during a scene become a particular character when holding a certain prop.

Musical Film Review
Clive reads a movie summary from a guide, a contestant reviews the film which the others perform.

Musical Producers
Two producers discuss a musical on a given topic, which is acted out by the other two.

Narrate (For Each Other)/Film Noire
Two contestants perform a scene, narrating their thoughts on the other's actions.

News Flash
Two 'hosts' question a field reporter in front of a green screen who must work out where he is.

News Report
A host, expert, reporter and interviewee cover a news report on a children's/biblical story.

Number of words
The four contestants are given a scene, but each can only speak a fixed number of words at a time.

Old Job/New Job (or vice versa)
One (or more) contestants must incorporate aspects of a previous job into their current one.

Opera (Rock Opera)

The contestants perform an opera based on the life of an audience member.

Party Quirks
The party host must guess the strange quirks assigned to each party guest.

Using props (wigs, hats, etc), contestants become panel members discussing a topic with Clive as host.

Party Pieces
Used in radio series for other games (couples, home shopping) catering to specific pairings.

Two or more contestants put their heads through holes cut from a picture and act out a scene.

Piranha Tank
Two contestants try to sell their new product (a given prop) to the others, business experts "the piranhas".

Press Conference
A contestant gives a press conference, and must deduce their quirk from the questions asked.

Prison Visitor (Prison Scene, Prison Cell)
Prisoners sing about their problems to a prison visitor who sings back advice.

Each of two pairs of contestants gets a prop for which the contestants must find uses.

Contestants sing their troubles to a psychiatrist, who sings solutions back.

Questionable Impressions
See "Questions Only", but contestants must maintain a different impression each time they enter.

Questions (Only/With Hats)
Two contestants may only speak in questions, contestants swap out after a mistake. Sometimes played with hats.

Quick Change
Two contestants act a scene but when a third shouts "Change" they must alter the line they have just said.

Quiz Show
One contestant is the host of a bizarre quiz show, the others are the contestants.

Radio Show
Two contestants DJ a radio show on a topic, with the others playing all the other characters they involve.

The contestants each sing a verse of a rap song on a given topic.

Remember That Song?
During a scene, characters recall each others' past songs which they must perform.

Remote Control
The contestants are given a show, and must discuss and audience-chosen topic in that show's style.

A reunion is enacted for people of a certain occupation, concluding with a song.

Rock Out
The contestants each sing a verse of an Oz Rock song on a given topic.

Scene to Music
Contestants act out a scene in the mood/style suggested by music which is played in.

Scene to Rap
The contestants perform a scene by rapping.

Scene with a Prop
Contestants are given a prop and must develop a scene using it.

Scene With Audience Member
Contestants perform a scene with an audience member reading lines from a card.

Scene With Masks
Contestants perform a scene wearing masks that inform their characters.

Scenes Cut From A Movie
The contestants invent scenes that never made it into audience-suggested movies.

Scenes From A Hat
The host picks audience suggestions for scenes out of a hat, which the contestants step forward and perform.

Given a scene and secret's location, two contestants act the scene during which the secret is revealed.

Show-Stopping Number
In a scene, when buzzed the last person to speak must break into a show-stopping musical number based on the last words they said.

Sideways Scene
A scene is performed lying down on a stage, with the camera shooting from above, sometimes with styles given.

Soap Opera
The contestants perform the start and end scenes of a soap opera set in a location given by the audience.

Song Style(s)
One or more contestants are given a topic - sometimes a guest or audience member - and a style of song to perform.

Song Titles
The contestants act out a scene speaking only in song titles.
Variation: Contestants swap over (as in Questions Only) if they mess up.

Sound Effects (i) (also "Audience Sound Effects")
One contestant acts out a scene whilst another provides the sound effects. Variation: Two contestants act whilst audience members provide the effects.
Sound Effects (ii)
The contestants act out a scene and have to incorporate sound effects which are played in.

Sports Commentators/Sportscasters
Two contestants act out an activity in slow motion, while the other two commentate.

Stand, Sit, Lie (Down)/Bend
At all times in a scene, one contestant must be standing, one sitting, one lying down/bending.

One contestant narrates a story with the others acting it out. The audience gives a title and moral.

Strange Bedfellows
Contestants act out a scene, each given a particular character they must perform.

A contestant is given a worldwide problem, and superhero name. He names the others as they join him.

Survival Show
Contestants are appearing in a 'Survivor'-style show, stuck in a strange location.

The audience chooses physical positions for 2 contestants, used to start a scene. Other contestants can call "freeze" to swap into a current position and begin a new scene.

Two contestants host a telethon, the others sing the 'help-a-song' as various celebrities.

That'll Be Charlie Now
One contestant is Charlie, the other 3 discuss his many quirks which he must show when he enters (see also "Here He Is Now").

Theme(d) Restaurant
Two contestants visit a restaurant with a chosen theme, with the others as waiter and host.

This is the Story of Your Life
The contestants are host, guest and acquaintances on a "This is Your Life" show.

Three-Headed Broadway Star (Three-Headed Song)
Given a style and title, three contestants sing a broadway song, alternating words.

Three Of A Kind
Similar to Old Job, New Job. Three contestants in a scene must involve an occupation they used to share.

Two Characters
Two contestants act out a given scene as two characters (e.g. Captain Kirk and Mr Spock).

Two-Line Vocabulary
Three contestants act out a scene, with two of them restricted to using two provided lines each.

Video Players
Three contestants act scenes from a chosen movie; another fast forwards, rewinds, etc.

Weird Newscasters/Weird Newsreaders
A news anchor has a co-anchor, sports/finance reporter and weather/traffic reporter with strange quirks.

What Are You Trying To Say?
Two contestants converse, but keep reading insults into everything the other says.

What's In The Bag?
Contestants perform a scene incorporating items they find in audience members' bags.

Whose Line
Two contestants act out a scene, incorporating audience-suggested lines on pieces of paper given to them.

World's Worst
The contestants, on the "World's Worst step", perform examples of the World's Worst of a given topic.

Wrong Theme Tune
Contestants improvise a TV show in the style of a different TV show whose theme is played in.